You can assign groups to device profiles, public applications, and compliance policies. You can also assign multiple groups of each individual type (organization, smart, or user) in a single sitting.

To assign public applications, you can configure different app policies for different groups of users. For more information, see Use Flexible Deployment to Assign Applications in the VMware Workspace ONE UEM Mobile Application Management Guide, which can be found on


  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > Groups > Assignment Groups.
  2. Select one or more groups in the listing and select Assign above the column header.
    This Assignment Groups screenshot shows the Assign button that displays when you select one or more groups.
  3. The Assign page displays the Organization Groups, Smart Groups, and User Groups you selected.
  4. Assign them by initiating a search for a Profile, a Public Application, and Compliance Policy. You may choose up to 10 profiles, up to 10 public applications, and a single compliance policy.
    You can only choose multiple entities of a single type per session. For example, you may assign multiple groups to up to 10 different profiles in a single command. However, you may not, in a single command, assign multiple groups to 10 profiles, 10 apps, and a compliance policy. If you have multiple entities of multiple types, you must undertake separate assignment sessions for each type (profiles, apps, and policies).
  5. Select Next to display the View Device Assignment page which you can use to confirm the groups assignment.
  6. Select Save & Publish to finalize the assignment.