If you have several dozen or more users to add to Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch, you can batch-create users and user groups or batch-import them from your directory service.

Making a batch import means taking a supplied template in a comma-separated values format. Then filling it out with your own data and uploading the completed template.

Changes in External LDAP and AD User Directories

Once your user and user group batch list are uploaded, changes to your external LDAP/AD user directories are not updated in Workspace ONE UEM. These user and user group changes must be updated manually or uploaded as a new batch.

Users and Devices

Choose from four different batch import templates: Blacklisted devices, Whitelisted devices, Simple device/user, and Advanced device/user. For more information, see Batch Import Users or Devices.

User Groups

You can batch import user groups in much the same way as individual users, by completing a Workspace ONE UEM supplied template and uploading it. For more information, see Batch Import User Groups.

Editing Basic Users

You can edit and move users in groups rather than one at a time by changing certain columns in the CSV file you upload as part of a batch import procedure. Such column manipulation is only applicable to two kinds of user authentication: basic user authentication and authentication proxy. For more information, see Editing Basic Users with Batch Import.

Move Users Between Organization Groups

Batch import can also be used to move multiple users to a different organization group. For more information, see Move Users With Batch Import.