You can compare the settings of one organization group to another to mitigate version migration issues. The Organization Group Compare feature is only available for on-premises customers.

An example of a version migration scenario is when a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) server has been upgraded, configured, and tested, you can compare the UAT settings to the production settings directly.


You can perform the following tasks when you compare OG settings.

  • Upload XML files containing the OG settings from different Workspace ONE UEM software versions.
  • Eliminate the possibility of a difference in configuration causing problems during version migration.
  • Filter the comparison results, allowing you to display only the settings you are interested in comparing.
  • Search for a single setting by name with the search function.


  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Admin > Settings Management > Settings Comparison.
  2. Select an OG in your environment from the left drop-down menu (labeled with the numeral 1). Alternatively, upload the XML settings file by selecting the Upload button and selecting an exported OG setting XML file.
  3. Select the comparison OG on the right drop-down menu (labeled with the numeral 2).
  4. Display a list of all settings for both selected organization groups by selecting the Update button.
    • Differences between the two sets of OG settings are automatically highlighted.
    • You can optionally enable the Show Differences Only check box. This check box displays only those settings that apply to one OG but not the other.
    • Individual settings that are empty (or not specified) display in the comparison listing as 'NULL'.