You can compare the permissions settings of any two administrator roles for the sake of accuracy or to confirm your deliberate settings differences.


  1. Navigate to Accounts > Administrators > Roles.
  2. Locate any two listed roles, including roles that appear on different pages, and select those roles.
  3. Select Compare. The Compare Roles page displays featuring a list of categories. Selecting a specific category on the left populates all the details of that category on the right.
    The screenshot of the Compare Roles page shows Categories on the left and searchable resource descriptions on the right.
    • If you have fewer than two or more than two roles selected, the Compare button does not display.
    • Role subcategories can be viewed in the right panel by selecting the Details link to the far-right side. Collapse the role subcategory by selecting the Hide link.
    • There is an All category in the left panel that, when selected, displays all the parent categories on the Compare Roles page. When you enter a search parameter in the Search Resources bar, the right panel only displays matching category and resources (also known as permissions) listings.
    • The search function is persistent. This persistence means that if you have a parameter in the Search Resources bar, selecting the All category displays only the matching categories and resources. The search function is persistent even after you select specific resources and make Read and Edit selections.
    • By default, only those categories and subcategories whose settings are different are displayed. You can display all the permissions including those settings that are identical across the two selected roles by enabling the Show All Permissions check box.
    • If you select two roles that have identical permissions across the board, the console displays this message at the top of the Compare Roles page.

      "There are no differences in permissions between the two roles.".

What to do next

You can optionally select Export to create an Excel-viewable XLSX or CSV file (comma-separated values). The export file contains all settings for Role 1 and Role 2, enabling you to analyze the differences between them.