You can grant temporary administrative access to your environment for support, demonstrations, and other time limited use cases.


  1. Navigate to Accounts > Administrators > List View, select Add. Select the Add Temporary Admin option.
    Alternatively, you can select the Help button from the header bar that appears at the top-right corner of almost every page of Workspace ONE UEM and Workspace ONE Express and select Add Temporary Admin.
  2. In the Basic tab, select to add a temporary admin account based on Email Address or user name and complete the following settings.
    Setting Description
    Email Address Enter the email address on which the temporary admin account is based. Available only when Email Address radio button is selected.
    User name Enter the user name on which the temporary admin account is based. Available only when the user name radio button is selected.
    Password / Confirm Password Enter and confirm the password that is associated with the Email Address or user name.
    Expiration Period Select an Expiration Period which defaults to 6 hours. You can also set this drop-down menu to Inactive to create the account now and activate it later.
    Ticket Number Optionally, you can add the Ticket Number from ZenDesk, Bugzilla, JIRA, or other help desk tool as a reference marker.
  3. In the Roles tab, you can add, edit, and delete roles applicable to the temporary admin account.
    • Add a role by selecting the Add Role button and then select the organization group and role for which the temporary admin account applies.
    • Edit an existing role by selecting the edit icon (This edit icon is shaped like a blue pencil.) and select a different organization group and role.
    • Delete a role by selecting the delete icon (This delete icon is shaped like a blue 'X'.).
  4. Select Save.