When a user logs in to the SSP, their primary device appears in the main viewer. The main view page displays basic information such as Enrollment Date, the Last Seen date, and the device Status.

The Go to Details button displays tabs containing information about the selected device under the selected user account.

  • Summary – Displays summarized information for Compliance, Profiles, Apps, Content, Friendly Name, Asset Number, UDID number, and Wi-Fi MAC Address.
    • A device's friendly name can be edited directly from the Summary tab view by selecting the edit icon to the right of the Friendly Name text box.
    Note: The Device Summary User role resource controls the visibility of the Summary tab in the SSP. If specific pieces of information are restricted from a user role's view by way of a disabled resource such as Device Apps, Device Compliance, or Device Profiles, then corresponding information normally appearing on the Summary tab is also hidden. For detailed instructions on limiting resources for user and admin roles, see User Roles and Admin Roles.
  • Compliance – Shows the compliance status of the device, including the name and level of all compliance policies that apply to the device.
  • Profiles – Shows all the MDM profiles (including automatic profiles) that have been sent to the devices enrolled under your user account. This tab also shows the status of each profile.
  • Apps – Displays all applications installed on the selected device and provides basic app information.
  • Security – Shows general security information about a particular device enrolled under your user account.