You can exclude groups from the assignment of device profiles and compliance policies with as much ease as assigning groups to these device products.


You must have the groups defined before you initiate this task. At a minimum, you must be able to make a smart group comprised of the users you want to exclude. This task allows you to make a new smart group on the fly but if you prefer to exclude an organization group or user group, then see Create Organization Groups and User Groups respectively.


  1. While adding a device profile or compliance policy, select Yes next to the Exclusions setting to display the Excluded Groups option.
  2. In the Excluded Groups setting, select groups that you want to exclude from the assignment of this profile or policy.
    • You can enter the first few letters of the group by name and the auto-search function shows you all the groups whose name corresponds to the string you entered.
    • You can select one or more organization groups, user groups, or smart groups.
    • You can make a new smart group by selecting the Create Smart Group button.
  3. Select Save and Publish (for device profiles) or Next (for compliance policies) and continue the process for those tasks.


If you select the same group in both the Assigned Groups and Excluded Groups settings, then the profile or policy fails to save.


You want a compliance policy to apply to all device users except executives.

What to do next

Preview the affected devices by selecting View Device Assignment.