When there are active notifications that require your attention, a numeral badge appears on the Notifications icon indicating the number of active alerts. Display the Notifications pop-up by selecting this bell-shaped icon.

You can manage the notifications you receive. This management includes viewing the list of active alerts, Renewing your APNs, Dismissing expired alerts, viewing the list of dismissed alerts, and Configuring Notification Settings.

Each alert displays the organization group under which the APNs for an MDM certificate is located. The alert also shows the expiration date of the certificate and a link to Renew your APNs.

  • View Active Alerts – The default view displays the list of active alerts.
  • Renew your APNs – Displays the Change Organization Group (OG) screen. This screen appears when the OG that manages the device with the impending license expiration is different than the OG you are currently in. Renew this APNs license by selecting Yes to change your OG automatically.

    Renew the license and keep the device in contact with Workspace ONE UEM by following the instructions on the APNs For MDM settings page.

  • Dismiss Alert – Close the expired alert and send it to the Dismissed alert listing by selecting the X button. You cannot close critical priority notifications.
  • Dismiss All – Close all active alerts and send them to the Dismissed alert listing.
  • View Dismissed Alerts – View the listing of dismissed alerts by selecting the Dismissed tab at the top of the Notifications pop-up.