The hierarchy of the organization group (OG) structure you make determines which OGs are children and which are parents. Child OGs inherit settings from their parent OGs but you can elect to override this inheritance.

Each system settings page applies its settings according to two types of inheritance / override options regarding organization group hierarchy: 1) Current Setting and 2) Child Permission. The OG it applies settings to is the OG you are currently in.

In other words, if you are in the Employees\Warehouse OG, then changes you make to settings apply to that OG and all OGs that are children of the Warehouse OG.

For example, the Branding settings page, found by navigating to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Branding, controls all the custom background images, logos, and color schemes for the OG visible in the organization group drop-down.

Applying our example earlier, you can import a new background image, new logo, a different color scheme, all specific to the Employees\Warehouse OG. If you want, you can also configure the settings to apply to the Warehouse OG only. This option is enabled by changing the inheritance of this OG on the settings page.

Child Permission

Think of the Child Permission setting as the parent OG's attitude toward the child OG. There are three different settings for Child Permission: Inherit or Override, Inherit Only, and Override Only.

The Inherit or Override setting simply means that the parent has no preference for the child's permissions. When a parent's Child Permission setting is Inherit or Override, the Current Setting of the child OG determines whether they override or inherit settings. Child Permissions are set to Inherit or Override by default.

A Child Permission setting of Inherit Only on the parent forces inheritance on all children. This setting means that all children have the same settings as the parent. A Child Permission setting of Override Only removes the inheritance effect on all child OGs, requiring you to configure settings specific to that child OG.

Child Permission settings affect only the children one level down. Such settings have no impact on grandchildren or lower OGs.

Current Setting

If Child Permission is the parent's attitude toward the child, then the Current Setting of an OG is the child's attitude toward the parent. An OG's Current Setting can only be Inherit or Override.

A Current Setting of Inherit means that the child OG accepts all the settings of the parent OG. Select a Current Setting of Override, and the child rejects the parent and is on its own. The override selection means you can make new settings for the child.

You can only change an OG's Current Setting provided the parent OG's Child Permission setting is Inherit or Override.

Continuing the example from above, if you wanted to affect Branding settings to the Warehouse OG only, you can change the Current Setting for each child OG of Warehouse to Override provided the Child Permission for Warehouse is the default Inherit or Override. You can then configure Branding settings for the children of Warehouse as you see fit, either different from Warehouse or the same.

Changing Permission Settings

You cannot change the Current Setting of a child if its parent's Child Permission setting does not allow it. For example, if MomandDadOG's Child Permission setting is Override Only, you cannot change the Current Setting of JuniorOG to Inherit. In short, the parent OG's Child Permission settings take precedence over the child OG's Current Setting.

When you change the Current Settings of a child from Override to Inherit, changing the Child Permission setting of its parent to Inherit Only locks the child OG's Child Permission setting. You are not able to change the child permission setting in this scenario. This behavior does not apply if the child OG setting is never overridden.

The work-around to this behavior is that you must change the Child Permission settings on the parent OG back to Inherit or Override, unlocking the Child Permission setting of the child OG.

The larger strategy is to plan ahead, configuring inheritance and override settings to the OG levels that make sense given the hierarchy structure you want.