You can enforce terms of use (TOU) on all managed devices within Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch.

Ensure that all users with managed devices agree to the policy by defining and enforce terms of use (TOU). If necessary, users must accept the TOU before proceeding with enrollment, installing apps, or accessing the UEM console. The UEM console allows you to customize fully and assign a unique TOU to each organization group and child organization group.

The TOU displays during each device enrollment. Get access to the following functions.

  • Set version numbers.
  • Set platforms to receive the TOU.
  • Notify users by email with the TOU updates.
  • Create language-specific copies of the TOU.
  • Create multiple TOU agreements and assign them to organization groups based on platform or the type of ownership.
  • Meet the liability requirements of specific groups by customizing TOU.

View Terms of Use Acceptance

While compliance policies can be configured to help enforce terms of use acceptance, you can also see who has and who has not accepted the agreement. Then, if necessary, you can contact those individuals directly.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Terms of Use.
  2. Use the Type drop-down menu to filter based on the agreement type, for example, Enrollment. The Users / Devices column displays devices that have accepted/not accepted/been assigned the terms of use.
  3. Select the appropriate number in the Devices column for the terms of use row to see device information pertaining to that agreement. Optionally, access the drop-down menu for the row and select one of the following.
    View Devices or Users Display all devices and their acceptance statuses. You can filter by organization group.
    View Previous Versions View previous iterations of the agreement.
    View Terms of Use View the terms of use agreement.

Track Terms of Use Acceptance With Reports

You can track user acceptance for terms of use, enabling you to take possible action.

View details regarding specific organization groups, console acceptances, and device enrollment acceptances. View the acceptances directly in the Workspace ONE UEM console or export the report in XLSX or CSV format, both viewable with MS Excel.

  1. Navigate to Monitor > Reports & Analytics > Reports > List View.
  2. Search for and generate the Terms of Use Acceptance Detail report by selecting the report title.
  3. Select the Organization Groups.
  4. Select the Terms of Use Type.
  5. Select the Report Format.
  6. Select Download to save the report.

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