Track a deployment of an application or profile to end-user devices with the App and Profile Monitor. This monitor provides at-a-glance information on the status of your deployments.


  1. Navigate to Monitor > App and Profile Monitor.
  2. In the search field, enter the name of the app or profile. You must select the Enter key on your keyboard to start the search.
  3. Select the app or profile from the drop-down menu and select Add.


The app or profile data displays on a card. You can only have five cards added at one time.

What to do next

The App and Profile Monitor displays the current deployment status for devices during a deployment. The status combines different app and profile installation statuses into Done, Pending, or Incomplete.
Table 1. Descriptions of Deployment Statuses in the App and Profile Monitor
Status Description
Done Devices report the Done status when the app or profile installs successfully.

Devices report the Pending Status when an app or profile reports the following statuses.


  • Pending Install.
  • Pending Removal.
  • Unconfirmed Removal.
  • Confirmed Removal.


  • Needs Redemption.
  • Redeeming.
  • Prompting.
  • Installing.
  • MDM Removal.
  • MDM Removed.
  • Unknown.
  • Install Command Ready for Device.
  • Awaiting Install on Device.
  • Prompting for Login.
  • Updating.
  • Pending Release.
  • Prompting for Management.
  • Install Command Dispatched.
  • Download in Progress.
  • Command Acknowledged.

Device reports the Incomplete Status when an app or profile reports the following statuses.


  • Pending Information.


  • User Removed.
  • Install Rejected.
  • Install Failed.
  • License Not Available.
  • Rejected.
  • Management Rejected.
  • Download Failed.
  • Criteria Missing.
  • Command Failed.

If you see an Incomplete status, select the number next to the status to see a Device List View of all devices reporting the status. This feature lets you examine devices with issues so you can troubleshoot your deployment.