Freestyle Orchestrator

Fulfill a specific goal regarding your device by creating a customized workflow with the Freestyle Orchestrator. You can install resources (like apps, scripts, and profiles) based on conditions that you define.

Note: The Freestyle Orchestrator is currently available for macOS and Windows devices only.

Custom Workflows Made Easy

Freestyle Orchestrator is a no-code IT orchestration platform that gives you drag and drop ease and flexibility to create workflows using the resources, condition, and group features.

Resources As Building Blocks

Resources can be installed on a device, like an app, device profile, or script (Windows PowerShell or macOS Shell Script). Resources can also be a mechanism native to the device, like a sensor. When you make a Freestyle Workflow, you gain the power to leverage all these resources to accomplish a task that you define.

Navigate to Resources and configure apps, profiles, scripts, and sensors to use within a workflow and apply them to devices based on granular criteria.

For more information, see the Freestyle Orchestrator Guide.

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