You may run into issues with your Workspace ONE UEM deployment. To help you diagnose the problem, Workspace ONE UEM provides detailed logging for all your services and applications. Learn how to generate these logs and where they're stored to help troubleshoot your issues.

Within Workspace ONE UEM, you can utilize logging for troubleshooting the core services of your platform, the services you've integrated in, and even your devices that run Workspace ONE UEM. Gathering and anyalyzing log data isn't just for troubleshooting; it can also be used to enhance performance and optimize settings for your unique environment.

Core vs. Integrated Services

Your Workspace ONE UEM deployment consists of multiple services. These services are core services, which include the console, database, device services, API, and AWCM and are essential to the functionality of Workspace ONE, or they are integrated services such as ACC, SEG, or other third-party integrated services.

You can learn more about troubleshooting and enhancing your core and integrated components by reviewing the Core and Integrated Logging sections.

End-User Devices

Having trouble with your Workspace ONE UEM devices? If a device running Workspace ONE UEM needs troubleshooting, you can utilize the log information in Device-Side Workspace ONE Hub Logs to analyze log data and help resolve your issues.