You can provide an extra level of end-user support, including email and phone number, by configuring the Customization tab. Such a support level is valuable when users are unable to enroll their device for any reason.

The Customization tab can be found by navigating to Devices > Device Settings > Devices & Users > General > Enrollment.

Setting Description
Use specific Message Template for each Platform

If enabled, you can select a unique message template for each platform.

The provided link displays the Message Template page, allowing you to begin creating templates immediately.

Workspace ONE ™ Direct Enrollment supports platform-specific message templates.

Enrollment Support Email Enter the support email address.
Enrollment Support Phone Enter the support phone number.
Post-Enrollment Landing URL (iOS only)

You can provide a post-enrollment landing URL that the end user is brought to upon a successful enrollment. This URL can be a company resource, such as a company website or login screen leading to more resources.

Workspace ONE Direct Enrollment supports post-enrollment landing URLs.

MDM Profile Message (iOS only)

For iOS devices only, this text box is for a message that appears during enrollment. You can specify a message with a maximum of 255 characters.

Workspace ONE Direct Enrollment supports iOS-only MDM profile messages.

Use Custom MDM Applications Displays a link which opens the App Groups Listing page. This link is labeled Application Groups.

Workspace ONE Direct Enrollment supports custom MDM apps.