You can create your own library of message templates customized by platform to cover the variety of scenarios you might encounter including enrollment.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Device Settings > General > Message Templates and select Add.
  2. Set the Category drop-down menu to match the category of your template. Options include Administrator, Application, Compliance, Content, Device Lifecycle, Enrollment, and Terms of Use.
  3. Set the Type that best corresponds to the subcategory.
    The Type drop-down menu's options depend upon the Category setting.
  4. Set the Select Language drop-down menu. Only languages based on the currently active locale are displayed. Select the Add button to add languages.
  5. Select the Default check box if you want the template to be the default template for the selected Category.
  6. Select the Message Type for the template.
    The options are Email, SMS, and Push notification.
  7. Compose your Email message by entering text to the Message Body text box.
    • The Plain Text option features only a monospaced serif font (Courier) with no formatting options.
    • The HTML option enables a Rich Text editing environment including fonts, formatting, heading levels, bullets, indentation, paragraph justification, subscript, superscript, image, and hyperlink capability. The HTML environment supports basic HTML coding using the Show Source button which you can use to toggle between the Rich Text and source views.
  8. Save your template by selecting the Save button.