The Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch infrastructure collects and stores many types of user-generated data. The following matrix matches each data type to the platforms and operating systems from which the data can be collected.

Use this matrix to determine which data collection is necessary for your deployment. Workspace ONE UEM also defines optional data that you can collect, such as Bluetooth MAC. You can configure these options and assign privacy settings by ownership type: dedicated corporate, shared corporate, and employee owned.

For more information about how VMware handles information collected through Workspace ONE UEM, such as analytics, see the VMware Privacy Policy at

✓ - Can be collected.

X - Cannot be collected.

✓* - Can be collected on Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub deployments.

✓** - Can be collected on Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or iOS 9.3+Supervised Mode deployments.

Android Apple iOS macOS Windows Rugged Windows Desktop
Application Tracking
View installed internal apps. X
View app versions X
Capture app status X X
View list of installed certificates X ✓*
Asset Tracking
Device Name
Device UDID
Phone Number X
Device serial number
IMSI number X X
Device model X
Device model name (Friendly) X X
OS Version
OS Build X
Firmware/kernel version X X X X
Track device errors X X
Device Status
Battery available
Battery capacity X
Memory available X
Memory capacity X
GPS tracking ✓**
Wi-fi IP Address
Wi-fi MAC
Wi-fi signal strength X X
Carrier Settings version X X X
Cell signal strength X X X X
Cell technology (none, GSM, CDMA) X X X
Current MCC X X X
Current MNC X X X
SIM card number X X
SIM carrier network X X X
Subscriber MNC X X X
Bluetooth MAC X X
Show IP addresses. X X
Show LAN adapters. X X X X
Show MAC address. X X
Detect roaming status. X X X
Disable Push notifications when roaming. X X X X
Voice roaming enabled (allowed). X X X X
Data Usage
Track data usage through cell network X X X
Track data usage through Wi-fi network X X X X X
Track call history X X X X
Track SMS history X X X X
Cellular Status
Current Carrier network X X X
Current network status X X X
Remote View
Remotely control device X
Screen capture (save, email, print, and so on) X
Screen sharing (remote view within apps) X
File Manager
Access device file manager X
Access device registry manager X X X
Copy files X
Create folders. X
Download files from device. X
Move files X
Rename folders and files. X
Upload files to device X