Using Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch, you can edit a device profile that has already been installed to devices in your fleet. There are two types of changes you can make to any device profile.

  • General – General profile settings serve to manage the profile distribution: how the profile is assigned, by which organization group it is managed, to/from which smart group it is assigned/excluded.
  • Payload – Payload profile settings affect the device itself: Passcode requirement, device restrictions such as camera use or screen capture, Wi-Fi configurations, VPN among others.

Since the operation of the device itself is not impacted, General changes can usually be made without republishing the profile. Saving such changes results in the profile only being pushed to devices that were not already assigned to the profile.

Payload changes, however, must always be republished to all devices, new and existing, since the operation of the device itself is affected.