Payload profile settings include changes that affect the device itself: passcode requirement, device restrictions such as camera use or screen capture, Wi-Fi configurations, VPN among others.

The Add Version button enables you to create an increment version of the profile where settings in the Payload can be modified.


  1. Enable Payload editing that impacts the operation of the device by selecting the Add Version button.

    Selecting the Add Version button and saving your changes means republishing the device profile to all devices to which it is assigned. This republishing includes devices that already have the profile.

    For step-by-step instructions on configuring a specific Payload, refer to the applicable Platform Guide, available on

  2. After completing Payload changes, select Save & Publish to apply the profile to all assigned devices.


The View Device Assignment screen appears, enabling you to confirm the list of currently assigned devices. For more information, see View Device Assignment, Device Profile.