Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch supports two methods for enrolling corporate devices. You can let users enroll their own devices or administrators can enroll devices on users' behalf in a process called device staging.

In device staging, an administrator enrolls devices before assigning them and distributing them to end users. This method is useful for administrators who must set up devices shared by multiple users across an organization.

Also, device staging works well for newly provisioned devices, since it happens before an employee receives the device. If your end users already have corporate devices, then allowing them to self-enroll makes the most sense. Letting users enroll their own devices is also beneficial when the total number of devices makes it impractical for administrators to perform device staging.

Device staging can be performed for Android, iOS, and macOS devices.

Device staging through Workspace ONE Direct Enrollment is not supported. If you must stage a device, whether for single or multiple users, you must enroll the device using Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub instead of Workspace ONE Direct Enrollment.

For more information, see Workspace ONE Direct Enrollment.