An essential aspect of your BYOD deployment is removing corporate content when an employee leaves, or when a device is lost or stolen. Workspace ONE UEM allows you to perform an Enterprise Wipe on devices to remove all corporate content and access, but leave personal files and settings untouched.

Workspace ONE UEM lets you decide how an Enterprise Wipe applies to public and purchased VPP applications that sit in a gray area between corporate and employee-owned devices. An Enterprise Wipe also unenrolls the device from Workspace ONE UEM and strips it of all content enabled through MDM. This content includes email accounts, VPN settings, Wi-Fi profiles, secure content, and enterprise applications.

If you used Apple Volume Purchase Plan redemption codes for devices running iOS 6 and earlier, you cannot reclaim any redeemed licenses for that application. When installed, the application is associated to the user App Store account. This association cannot be undone. However, you can redeem license codes used for iOS 7 and later.

For more information on Enterprise Wipe functionality, see Device Action Descriptions.