Self-enrollment can require that end users know their appropriate Group ID and login credentials. If you have integrated with directory services, these credentials are the same as the user's directory service credentials.

You can also associate your organization's email domain with your Workspace ONE UEM environment in a process known as auto discovery. With auto discovery enabled, devices of supported platforms prompt end users to enter their email address. These devices automatically complete enrollment if their email domain (the text after @) matches – without the need to enter a Group ID or enrollment URL. For more information, see Autodiscovery Enrollment.


  1. End users navigate to, which automatically detects whether the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is installed.
    If Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is not installed, the Website redirects to the appropriate mobile app store.
  2. AirWatch Container users download the AirWatch Container app from the app store.
  3. After launching the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub or Container app, users enter their credentials – in addition to either an email address or URL/Group ID – and proceed with enrollment.

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