For liability reasons, you must inform employees about the data that is captured and the actions that are allowed on devices enrolled in Workspace ONE UEM. To help communicate your strategy, create Terms of Use agreements in Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch.

Users are prompted to read and accept the terms of use you configure before they can enable MDM on their personal devices. By assigning Terms of Use agreements based on the ownership type, you can create and distribute different agreements for corporate and BYOD users.

After your organization has written its Terms of Use agreement, consider giving it to end users in a one to two-page white paper that omits unnecessary legal language. This white paper is not the official Terms of Use to which end users agree, but instead serves to communicate your corporate policies. Ideally, end users do not see the terms of use for employee-owned devices for the first time when they enroll their device. Be upfront about what end-user information you collect and how your BYOD policies affect them.