The Compliance Policies List View in Workspace ONE UEM enables you to see all the active and inactive compliance policies and their configurations.

Devices are placed in a Pending compliance status during an initial enrollment. Creating, saving, and assigning a policy to an enrolled device causes the device compliance status to either be Compliant or NonCompliant.

Similarly, changes to Smart Group assignments only cause a device compliance policy to be Pending when the device is new to the smart group. Devices already assigned to the smart group cannot see their compliance status change simply because the smart group expands (or contracts) its assignment.

View the Compliance Policy List view by navigating to Devices > Compliance Policies > List View.

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Setting Description
Status Filter the listing between All, Active and Inactive statuses.
Actions Menu This screenshot is the Actions Menu button cluster: edit, view devices, delete, and more. View and edit individual policies, view devices to which the policy has been assigned, and delete policies you no longer want to keep.
Compliant / NonCompliant / Pending / Assigned The digits in this column feature hypertext links that, when selected, display the View Devices page for the specific status on the selected compliance policy.

The Assigned status is the sum of Compliant, NonCompliant, and Pending devices.

For more information, see View Devices Page (Compliance).
Export button You can download reports in the default Excel format (XLSX) or a comma-separated values format (CSV) of the Compliance Policies list view.

View Devices Page
The View Devices page is used to view compliance details for each device that is assigned to the selected policy. It is displayed when you select one of the hyperlink text digits in the Compliance Policy List View column titled Compliant / NonCompliant / Pending / Assigned.

Parent topic: Compliance Policies

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