You can use the Self Service Portal to generate and send a registration token, which can then be used to securely enroll a device.


  1. Log in to the Self-Service Portal.
    If you are using single sign-on or smartcards for authentication, you can log in from a device or a computer. Directory users can log in using their directory service credentials.
  2. Select Add Device.
  3. Enter the device information (friendly name and platform) and any other details by completing the settings in the Register Device form. Ensure that the email address and phone number are present and accurate as they might not automatically populate.
  4. Select Save to send the enrollment token to the user using the selected message type.


Note: The token is not shown on this page and only appears in the message that is sent.

As a security feature, the following changes have been made for accounts that have enrolled with a token.

  • Email Address and Phone Number on both the Add Device screen and Account screen have been made read-only.
  • The View Enrollment Message action has been removed.