Profile Resources

Profile Resources simplify the provisioning of Wi-Fi, VPN, and Exchange payloads for Workspace ONE UEM deployments that support multiple device platforms, such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

Create a profile resource for any of these payloads and define the general settings each device platform receives. You can then optionally configure platform-specific settings that apply only to those devices.

Profile Resources are defined, managed, and deployed separately from device profiles. Deploy profile resources alongside device profiles to provide deep and broad device management for all supported platforms in your deployment.

You do not have to use profile resources to deploy Wi-Fi, VPN, or Exchange settings. If you want, you can still create separate device profiles for each platform. Consider deploying profile resources when you expect the Wi-Fi, VPN, or Exchange settings to be identical or similar across platforms. Then, create additional device profiles as usual to manage functionality further for each platform.

Profile Resources List View

Use the Profile Resources List View in Workspace ONE UEM to add and manage your collection of profile resources which includes viewing, deleting, and editing individual resource configurations.

Add a Profile Resource

You can add a profile resource to provision your multi-platform device fleet with the same Exchange, Wi-Fi, and VPN settings.

Navigate to Devices > Profile Resources and select Add Resource. You must select from the following options to add a resource.

  • Exchange – Configure email settings so you can keep in touch with your Exchange email server.
  • Wi-Fi – Configure Wi-Fi connectivity settings so you can maintain network connectivity.
  • VPN – Configure virtual private network settings so you can maintain a secure connection.

Each profile resource requires three distinct configuration steps. Create a profile resource by specifying the Resource Details, the applicable Platforms, and the Assignment of the resource to devices.

  • The Resource Details contain the resource name, description, server dependencies, and other critical settings that determine how the profile resource operates.
  • The Platforms define on which devices the profile resource runs.
  • The Assignment determines how the profile resource is deployed, including organization groups, user groups, and smart groups.

Manage Resources

Once you have amassed a collection of profile resources, you can manage them by navigating to Devices > Profile Resources and Filter, View, Edit, and Delete resources.

  • Filter the Profile Resource List View to show Active, Inactive, or All resources.
  • View the different platforms which your profile resource includes by selecting the hyperlink numeral in the Platforms column.
    • Open Advanced Settings for the profile resource by selecting the hyperlink platform name.
    • Open the View Devices page by selecting the hyperlink numerals in the Installed/Assigned column of the Platforms page. This page displays the list of devices assigned to the profile resource.
    • View and Export the XML code and upload a certificate by clicking the View hyperlink in the XML column of the Platforms page.
  • Edit a profile resource by selecting the name link of the resource which displays the Resource Details section of the Edit Resource page.
    • Edit the profile resource details by clicking the edit pencil (This edit icon is shaped like a gray pencil.) to the left of the resource listing. Proceed making edits to the other sections of the Edit Resource page by selecting the Next button.
    • Edit the assignment of the profile resource by selecting the radio button to the left of the Profile Resource listing and then clicking the Edit Assignment button.
  • Delete a profile resource by selecting the radio button to the left of the resource listing and clicking the Delete button. Deleting a resource sets the resource to inactive until it is removed from all devices.

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