You can see how many Freestyle Workflows in Workspace ONE UEM include a profile or profile resource by selecting the profile from the list view and selecting the View Workflow link. Changes to device profiles and profile resources are reflected in the workflow that uses it.


Workspace ONE UEM offers Freestyle Orchestrator Workflows as a tech preview feature for our SaaS customers. For more information, see What is Freestyle Orchestrator.

Technical preview features are not fully tested and some functionality may not work as expected. However, these previews help Workspace ONE UEM improve current functionality and develop future enhancements. The content in this section applies only to customers who are participating in the technical preview. If you are participating in the tech preview feature and you intend to use an application or a specific version of an app in workflows, consider the following properties:

Notification for Profiles

Navigate to Resources > Profiles & Baselines > Profiles. When you select a device profile that is used in a Freestyle Workflow, you see the following notification.

When you select the View Workflow link, a Workflow for Profile screen displays showing all the Freestyle Workflows that feature the selected profile, including the workflow description, assigned groups, and the date the workflow was created.


Profiles that are part of a smart group assignment can also be used in a Freestyle Workflow. Any devices common to both the smart group and the workflow assignments, the workflow takes priority.

The exception to the workflow taking priority is when the Assignment Type is set to 'Auto,' at which point the Direct Assignemnt is prioritized. Navigate to Resources > Profiles & Baselines > Profiles > Add > Add Profile and after selecting the platform, the Assignment Type option can be found on the General payload screen.

Making Changes to Profiles

If you make changes to a profile that is used in a workflow, those changes carry forward to the workflow automatically.

You cannot delete a profile that is used in a workflow. You must first remove the profile from the workflow, which you can do by editing the workflow. For more information, see the Freestyle Orchestrator Guide.

Profile Resources

Similar to how device profile changes affect Workflows, if you make changes to a Windows Profile Resource that is used in a Workflow, the changes carry forward to the Workflow in the same way.

You can identify the name of the Workflow that includes the profile resource in the Assignment tab of the Edit Resource screen.

For more information about Profile Resources, see Profile Resources.

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