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The View Devices page is used to view compliance details for each device that is assigned to the selected policy in Workspace ONE UEM. It is displayed when you select one of the hyperlink text digits in the Compliance Policy List View column titled Compliant / NonCompliant / Pending / Assigned.

Filter the listing among these four statuses by selecting from the Status drop-down menu. The Assigned status is the sum of Compliant, Non-Compliant, and Pending statuses.

This screenshot shows the View Devices page featuring three devices with a security patch in various stages of compliance.

There are three listed device statuses in the Status column.

  • Compliant – The assigned compliance policy has determined that the device is compliant.
  • Non-Compliant – The assigned compliance policy has determined that the device is non-compliant.
  • Pending – The compliance policy is scheduled to be assigned to the newly enrolled device.

You can also confirm the C/E/S (ownership) of the device, the Platform/OS/Model, Organization Group, Last Compliance Check, Next Compliance Check, and Actions Taken. The Actions Taken column lists the actions that have been taken to address non-compliant devices.

You can reevaluate the compliance for a specific device. Engage the compliance engine and re-report compliance status on the device by selecting Re-Evaluate Compliance (The Re-Evaluate Compliance button is shaped like a pair of arrows each at right angles pointing at the start of the other, making a cycle.).

Parent topic: Compliance Policies List View

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