After successfully configuring and deploying Workspace ONE Launcherto your fleet of devices, the app is now ready to be used in your organization.

Depending on the device, OS being used, and the version of Workspace ONE Launcher, the profile may require the user to grant app permissions and set Workspace ONE UEM as the default launcher. Granting app permissions allows Workspace ONE UEM console to push launcher settings to control the device, and setting Workspace ONE Launcheras the default overrides the native launcher on the device.

Once users have prepared their devices, they can further customize the layout by adding folders and widgets, and other elements. Admin mode allows users to access higher privileges such as creating shortcuts and other settings in preferences.

Admins set preferences that determine the available customization settings on Launcher devices during Workspace ONE Launcher setup. Settings such as: adding a folder, moving an icon, and swapping the position of an icon, folder or widget can be changed by the end user. View the available preferences in Launcher Device Settings Matrix for Android Deployment and Launcher Device Settings Matrix for Android (Legacy) Deployment.

By default, any changes the user makes to the Workspace ONE Launcher set up, as allowed by the admin in the device preferences, remains on the device in the event the Workspace ONE Launcher is reloaded, admin pushes the profile again, or user exits Launcher. If the admin has to re-push the Workspace ONE Launcher profile that includes changes to the preferences, the new profile overrides any changes the user has made only in the case where the configurations conflict. For example, if the user rearranges the icon on the screen and then the admin has disables that feature in the latest version of the profile, the icons revert to the original position. Another example is if the user has moved around the icons as allowed by the admin and then the admin updates the profile so that there is a different icon in one of the positions, the admins icon will be retained at that position.