Ensure to set the listed configurations so that integrated authentication works.

  • The URL of the requested web site must match an entry in your list of Allowed Sites.

  • The system must make the network call so that the process provides an NSURLAuthenticationChallenge object.

  • The web site must return a 401 status code that requests authentication with one of the listed authentication methods.

    • NSURLAuthenticationMethodBasic

    • NSURLAuthenticationMethodNTLM

    • NSURLAuthenticationMethodClientCertificate

  • The challenge handler can only use the enrollment credentials of the user when attempting to authenticate with a web site. If a web site requires a domain to log in, for example ACME\jdoe, and users enrolled with a basic user name, like jdoe, then the authentication fails.

  • For applications using WebView, use SDK's handleChallenge method in the URLSession's challenge handler. Display the response on a UIWebView or a WKWebView. Do not use the SDK's handleChallenge method directly inside WKWebView's challenge handler.