The Workspace ONE SDK supports the SCEP protocol, with limitations, to retrieve certificates for integrated authentication. To use SCEP certificates for your SDK-built application, ensure integrated authentication is enabled and that SCEP is configured in the console as a certificate authority.

Supported SAN Information Types

The SDK fully supports the listed Subject Alternative Names (SAN) information types in certificate attributes.

  • rfc822Name

  • dNSName

  • uniformResourceIdentifier

Supported with Correct Format

The Workspace ONE SDK supports the listed SAN information types but you must use the correct format or the SDK ignores them.

  • iPAddress

  • registeredID

Not Supported

The Workspace ONE SDK does not support the listed SAN information types. If you configure them, the SCEP process fails.

  • otherName

  • x400Address

  • directoryName

  • ediPartyName

  • GUID

  • Custom