You must register a callback scheme to install the Workspace ONE SDK for iOS (Swift) in an environment with no previous SDK version. Code your application to expose a custom scheme so that it can receive a callback from the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for iOS, Container, or Workspace ONE.

Perform this task in Xcode.

See Install the VMware Workspace ONE SDK for iOS (Swift) in a New Environment for instructions to install the SDK in a clean environment.

  1. In Xcode, navigate to Supporting Files.

  2. Select the file <YourAppName> > -Info.plist.

  3. Navigate to the URL Types section.

    If it does not exist, add it at the Information Property List root node of the PLIST.

  4. Expand the URL Types section and add a URL Schemesentry.

  5. Enter the desired callback scheme in the URL Schemes field.

  6. Whitelist all Workspace ONE UEM anchor application schemes under the LSApplicationQueriesSchemes entry in the Information Property List.