The beacon is a regular update sent from the VMware Workspace ONE SDK for iOS (Swift) to the Workspace ONE UEM console. The SDK sends this data every time it is unlocked. You can also force the beacon when you want data.

Beacon Location Configuration

To take advantage of the location functionality of the beacon, the host application registers itself as needing location updates in the background.

In the info.plist file, set the UIBackgroundModes array with a value configured as location.

Beacon Update Contents

The beacon update contains the listed information.

Table 1. Contents in the Beacon Update

Type of Information



  • Device name

  • Organizational group

  • Application bundle identifier


  • Device operating system (Apple, iOS)

  • Device operating system version


  • User email

  • User full name

  • User display name


  • Device enrolled

  • Device unenrolled

  • Device wipe pending


  • Device compliance

  • Application compliance

Send the Beacon Manually

Use an API to send the beacon manually.

let beaconTransmitter = SDKBeaconTransmitter.sharedTransmitter()

//To send immediately
beaconTransmitter.sendDeviceStatusBeacon(completion: SendBeaconCompletion?)
beaconTransmitter.sendBeacon(updatedAPNSToken: String, completion: SendBeaconCompletion?)

//To start a schedule of how frequenlty to send (If given time interval is less than 60, frequency will default to 60)
public func startSendingDeviceStatusBeacon(transmitFrequency: TimeInterval = 60)

//To stop the sending the scheduled beacon
public func stopSendingDeviceStatusBeacon()