The proxy components of the VMware Tunnel provides a secure method for individual applications that use the VMware Workspace ONE SDK to access corporate resources.

The Tunnel proxy component uses HTTPS tunneling to use a single port to filter traffic through an encrypted HTTPS tunnel for connecting to internal sites such as SharePoint or a wiki. The Workspace ONE SDK for iOS (Swift) provides app tunneling without adding code to the application. However, you need to configure app tunneling in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Configure App Tunneling and Split Tunneling

To configure app tunneling in the console, use the VMware Tunnel settings.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Settings & Policies > Security Policies > AirWatch App Tunnel.

  2. Enable the setting.

  3. Select an app tunnel mode.

    Select VMware Tunnel - Proxy if your company has this configured.

  4. In the App Tunnel URLs field, enter the URLs that you do not want to tunnel.

    • Enter no URLs and every URL goes through the VMware Tunnel.

    • Enter one or more URLs and the system splits the traffic. This configures split tunneling. The system does not send the URLs entered in this field through the VMware Tunnel. The system does send all other URLs through t he VMware Tunnel.