Review these specific components that belong to the integration of Appthority and Workspace ONE UEM before you configure the system. Reviewing these components might prevent issues or help solve them.

Blacklisted Status

Once an application is blacklisted in the Workspace ONE UEM console using app scan integration, it remains blacklisted unless you act.

  • Deactivate the blacklisted app group that includes the application.

  • Reconfigure the integration.

Consider how restrictive your Appthority rules are before performing an app reputation scan and edit rules as necessary.

Customer Type Organization Group

You must configure app scan integration using a Customer type organization group. Integration does not work using any other type of organization group.

Appthority Rules

Before enabling integration, ensure that your Appthority rules are configured at the appropriate level to allow necessary applications and to block offending applications.

Android Application Control Profile and Blacklists

The blacklisted app groups created by this integration are not available to use in the Android application control profile.

Sync Times

The systems communicate instantly when you initiate a sync. Depending on the number of applications that need analyzing, sync processes can take some time. If possible, sync the system during off hours. You can, however, manually sync at any time.

Device Types and Privacy Settings in Workspace ONE UEM

The device type and privacy settings in Workspace ONE UEM can affect whether it sends applications to Appthority for analysis.

  • Challenge

    You can configure privacy settings for personal, unmanaged applications to display and collect data, to collect but not display data, or not to collect data.

    By default, Workspace ONE UEM displays and collects data for unmanaged applications on corporate devices (both dedicated and shared). However, it does not collect any data for unmanaged applications for employee owned and unassigned devices.

    The compliance engine might act on an application on an employee owned device because the application was on a corporate device and Appthority blacklisted it.

  • Solution

    You can deactivate the app group in Workspace ONE UEM that contains the application.