Workspace ONE UEM lists events so that you can troubleshoot issues or find general information about systems configured in the console. Review console events to get information on app scans, blacklisted app groups, and errors with the integration process.

Console events specific to the App Scan Integration report about various components of the system.

  • Scanning modifies applicable blacklisted app groups.

  • The vendor adds applications to blacklisted app groups.

  • Vendors begin scanning applications.

  • The system identifies an error in the process.

  • The scanning system resets or is reconfigured.


  1. Navigate to Monitor > Reports & Analytics > Events > Console Events.
  2. Select a Date Range from the menu.
  3. Select Applications from the Category menu.
  4. Find the applicable Events.
    • App Scan Vendor Application Group Modified

    • Application Added To App Scan Vendor Application Group

    • Third Party Application Scanning Started

    • Error occurred while Third Party Application Scanning

    • Reset Perform for Third Party Application Scanning Vendor