Create app groups so that Workspace ONE UEM can display FireEye MTP scan results. Make an app group for Android and another for Apple iOS but name the two app groups the same. Enter this single name in the FireEye MTP Management Portal for integration.

Upon scan completion, the system allocates results into the proper app group depending on the platform.

You need at least one application in each group to create the placeholder. However, you can use a made-up application and application ID to create the placeholder app groups.

  1. Ensure that you are in the correct organization group.

  2. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Application Settings > App Groups.

  3. Select Add Group.

  4. Configure the following settings on the List tab.

    Table 1. Settings for Placeholder Groups




    Select Blacklist from the menu.


    Select Apple or Android from the menu.


    Enter a descriptive name for the placeholder group. Use the same name for both the Apple iOS and Android app groups.

  5. Select Add Application and enter a made-up application name and application ID.



    Application Name

    Enter any name because this setting is a placeholder.

    For example, enter TestApp.

    Application ID

    Enter any string of characters because this setting is a placeholder.

    For example, enter

  6. Select Next to move to the Assignment tab which includes options that you can configure. The configurations are optional and not needed for the placeholder app group to work.

  7. Select Finish to complete the creation of the placeholder app group.