The App Scan Integration system includes alternating actions between Workspace ONE UEM and FireEye MTP. Actions happen in a sequence so that the system reports accurate results and Workspace ONE UEM can act against threats identified by the system.

Interactions between the systems occur in the listed order.

Table 1.

Workspace ONE UEM Pre-requisites

  • Configure an integration admin.

  • Enable REST APIs.

  • To receive scan results, create two app groups, one Android and the other Apple iOS, with the same name .

1. FireEye MTP Actions

  1. Enable communication.

    See FireEye MTP documentation for details on configuring integration in the FireEye MTP Management Portal.

Result – Workspace ONE UEM sends applications to FireEye MTP.

2. FireEye MTP Actions

  1. Analyze applications.

  2. Identify offending Android and Apple iOS applications.

Result – FireEyE MTP sends results to Workspace ONE UEM .

3. Workspace ONE UEM Actions

  1. Displays blacklisted applications in the pre-configured app groups.

  2. Configure compliance policies to act on devices with malicious applications.

Result – Workspace ONE UEM acts as per compliance policies on offending devices.