Review these specific components that belong to the integration of WildFire and Workspace ONE UEM before you configure the system. Reviewing these components might prevent issues or help solve them.

Blacklisted Apps Remain Blacklisted

Once an application is blacklisted in the Workspace ONE UEM console using App Scan Integration it remains blacklisted unless unless you take action.

  • Deactivate the blacklisted app group that includes the application.

  • Reset the integration.

Consider how restrictive your WildFire rules are before performing an app reputation scan and edit rules as necessary.

Application Hashes, Application Versions, and Application Package Names

Although WildFire works with application hashes, Workspace ONE UEM app groups use the application package ID. The use of different components for analysis and management introduces the possibility to have an application version blacklisted in Workspace ONE UEM while WildFire considers a newer version benign. The new version remains blacklisted in Workspace ONE UEM due to its unchanged application package ID.

Customer Type Organization Group

You must configure App Scan Integration using a Customer type organization group. Integration does not work using any other type of organization group.

Android Application Control Profile and Blacklists

The blacklisted app groups created by this integration are not available to use in the Android application control profile.