The administrative passcode allows users to access the device menu to add applications or to exit from the Workspace ONE Launcher mode. The passcode is required to perform all actions in Admin Mode from the device.

The Preference tab from each app mode allows you to establish the passcode. The Persist Admin Passcode If Kiosk Profile is Removed From Device check box prompts the user for the admin passcode if they are attempting to remove the Launcher profile from their device.

If someone tries to use the Exit Launcher setting from the device and enters the Administrative Passcode incorrectly, the option disappears after 10 unsuccessful attempts, you can restart the device and the option reappears.

There are two use cases for this option:

  • Remove Profile – Removes the Workspace ONE Launcher profile from the device. This option restricts users from using any launcher apps and the device will be locked down and display a standard screen saver
  • Check In/Check Out – Displays the Check Out credentials page when a user checks in a device after use. The user can access device side functions but not Launcher apps or settings.