Use the Canvas tab to organize the Launcher layout by adding apps, creating folders, and determining the position of apps on the Launcher.

Table 1. Canvas Settings Descriptions
Setting Description
Title Bar Customize the title bar within the Launcher to support device-specific or user-specific names.
Remove Remove apps or folders from the profile if they are no longer needed in the mode. Select the app then select the Remove button. You can also drag apps outside of the canvas area and they will be added back to the Apps section.
App Attributes Display the properties of the selected app. To edit the properties, see App Attributes.
Create Folder Group apps together in a folder for further organization.
Layout Click to configure Launcher layout design elements such as icon grid and orientation preference. The available layout options can be found in Layout Settings.


Click to configure Launcher settings such as device settings and utilities to be allowed and the admin passcode to control exit from Launcher.