Users can access native device settings from the Options menu and adjust them according to their business needs.

Table 1. Native Device Settings Descriptions
Setting Description


Adjust the volume levels.
Display Adjust brightness and set sleep timer.
Applications Uninstall applications.
Wi-Fi Connect the device to a Wi-Fi network.
Cellular Data* Enable the use of network data over Wi-Fi.
Bluetooth* Pair a Bluetooth device.
Location* Enable GPS services.
Security* Set device administrator settings.
Language* Determine the language and input options.
Tethering* Connect the device as a mobile hotspot.
Screen Lock* Configure screen lock settings such as a PIN or password.
App Manager View running applications and use the Kill app option to force stop.
Denied Apps Displays a list of apps the user attempted to open from within an allowed app so admins can choose to allow those apps as needed.
User Information Displays user information.
About Shows version information, privacy policy, and legal agreement.
Help Opens the tutorial for onboarding.


These settings are not available while running Workspace ONE Launcheron Android 5.0 devices.