The Device Details page in the console displays the status of Workspace ONE Launcher on a device which helps you quickly and easily view and check the Launcher status on multiple devices.

When the Workspace ONE Launcher is pushed to devices under a standard Android deployment, the Launcher is set as the default with no additional steps required from the user. For Android (Legacy), most OEMs will push the Launcher automatically with the help of the signed service such as the Platform OEM Service (POEM.

The Launcher status only displays when the following criteria is met:

  • User is multi-user staging user
  • Launcher payload is assigned to the device through Profiles or Products.

The status will show as follows:

Table 1. Workspace ONE Launcher Status Descriptions
Status Description
Launcher is the Home App Workspace ONE LauncherWorkspace ONE Launcher is set at the default launcher for the devices.
Launcher is not set as the home app or is not installed This status indicates the profile push failed, did not install, or is not set as the default launcher on the selected device.

If Launcher fails, you can check the network requirements for CDN to make sure it is up to date.