Layout lets you control design elements such as icon grid and orientation preference, as well as upload images to customize the Launcher with your unique brand look and feel. The available settings depends on the mode.

Table 1. Layout Settings Descriptions
Setting Description
Manufacturer Select from Generic, Samsung, or Nexus as the device types. Available on Multi App and Template Mode.
Model Select whether the Launcher profile is being pushed to a phone or to a tablet. Available on Multi App and Template Mode.
Orientation Allows you to select the preview of the Workspace ONE LauncherWorkspace ONE Launcher in Portrait or Landscape view for all app modes. The Preview window adjusts according to selection depending on the app mode.
Caution: If you change the orientation while configuring Template mode, all settings are lost and you have to start your configuration over.
Lock Enable this text box to lock the device into a single orientation.
Grid Select the grid size from the drop-down menu to specify how the icons appear with the specified numbers of grid rows and columns. Select Hide to remove the grid lines on the canvas. Available on Multi App mode only. You can select Hide to hide the gridlines in the layout.
Minimize Title Bar Select to hide the title bar on the user's device.The user van still swipe down on the screen to access the title bar and additional settings.
Add Row for Pinned Apps Select to create a bottom bar in the launcher configuration to pin application icons that will remain visible on every screen. Multi App mode only.
Title Bar Icon Upload a customized icon to appear in the title bar. Available on Multi App Mode only.
Wallpaper Upload a custom wallpaper to display in the background of the Launcher setup. Available on Multi App mode only.