From the Workspace ONE UEM console as an administrator, you can view all the resources available. As part of the SASE admin experience, you can then configure what specific resources you want to allow your SASE admin(s) to view in their Workspace ONE UEM console.

Configure SASE Admin Experience for Tunnel

You can customize the Workspace ONE UEM console for the SASE admin experience. To enable and provision this, you will need to configure the customer organization group (OG) you are setting as a SASE admin as the SASE tenant OG.

In the SASE tenant OG, they will only be able to view the resources that are related to their specific OG. This means you can configure the SASE tenant OG to allow the admin(s) to view only the resources related to Tunnel if you so choose. Then when those SASE Admin(s) login to their Workspace ONE UEM console, the only resources they will see will be related to Tunnel.

Configure Tunnel Admin Role for SASE Tenant OG

You can customize the Workspace ONE UEM console for the SASE admin experience. Any tenant can be provisioned as a SASE tenant, and the admin can view only the required resources of the Workspace ONE UEM console.

For the SASE admins, to enable a specific SKU on the Workspace ONE UEM console, you can select a new role called the Tunnel Administrator which has the same set of resource availability as the tenant OG. On-demand basis, on the tenant OG, the Tunnel resources can be enabled at the admin role level. Here are the steps to create the Tunnel Administrator role:

  1. Go to Accounts > Administrators > List View > Add > Add Admin > Roles > Add Role and enter Tunnel Administrator.

  2. Enter the SASE customer OG that must be converted to the SASE tenant OG in the Organization Group.

    Shows add/edit Admin with Roles highlighted to use

    In this step, SASE is the name of the customer OG that is converted to the SASE tenant OG.

  3. Click Save to save the new Tunnel Administrator role.