Restricted mode is an optional setting that controls the content that the user can see.

The key features of Workspace ONE Web in restricted mode includes:
  1. Forward/Backward – Navigate forward and backward through previously visited web pages.
  2. Navigation Bar – Enter the URL that you want to navigate using the default search engine. Use Paste and Go option to open a copied link and the Paste and Search option to search for copied text.

    Refresh – Reload the current webpage.

  3. Menu – Select to view additional options.
    • Add Bookmarks – Select your favorite websites and add them to Personal bookmarks. You can view all of your bookmarked sites by navigating to Bookmarks > Personal bookmark section.
    • Share – Based on your administrator’s Workspace ONE UEM console settings (DLP policies), you can access share options. From these options, you can copy and email your link or print the page.
    • Find in page – Search for required text in a webpage.
    • Bookmarks – View the bookmarks pushed down by your administrator as well as your favorited websites. For more information on Bookmarks view and other available options, see Bookmarks View.
    • Downloads – View your downloaded files in the download manager. From here, you can delete the files or open them in apps that are permitted by your administrator.
    • Settings – Set your browsing preferences from this view. For more information on advanced app actions, see Settings.
    • History – View all the webpages that you have recently visited.
    • Desktop Mode – View the webpages you browse in desktop view.
  4. Tabs Preview – Add new tabs or close existing tabs from here. Open a new tab page to utilize tabbed browsing for multiple web views and to access QR code icon from the URL bar. Additionally, you can also open a new tab by selecting a bookmark.
    • QR code icon is accessible only from New Tab page view. Upon clicking the icon, the scanner opens and scans the QR code. At certain cases, based on your administrator configuration settings, you may not be able to view QR code in the URL bar.
    • When QR code is detected, the associated website is launched. If QR code does not lead to a website, the text embedded in the QR code is displayed on the page, where you can copy the text to clipboard or search the text verbatim.
  5. Home button – Return to the Workspace ONE Web home page. Your administrator sets the home page. If the home page is set to blank, all bookmarks and recently viewed pages are now readily available as tiles on the home page.