This topic describes how efficiently you can use Workspace ONE WEB to enhance your browsing experience.

Make IOS Web as Your Default Browser

You can set Workspace ONE Web your default browser by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Web Settings and select Default Browser App, which opens the Web Settings page in iOS settings app.
  2. Select Web as your default browser application.

Send Log Files from Web to Your Administrator

You can send SDK, Web, and Web SDK logs to the UEM console by navigating to the Workspace ONE Web Settings page and selecting Send logs to Administrator. The sharing of logs from the device is mainly helpful for diagnostic purposes when Web is used in single app mode, especially on frontline or rugged devices where the current options to copy and email logs do not work.

Sign Out of Your Standalone Web Application

When using Workspace ONE Web in standalone enrollment mode, you have the option to sign out. Signing out of Web unenrolls the device and deletes all Web application data and settings from the device. Moreover, you may be signed out of other applications on the device that share the same user credentials. You can navigate to Web Settings > Account and select the Sign Out option to sign out of Workspace ONE Web.