Kiosk Mode limits browsing to the homepage and its available links.

Following are the key features available in Kiosk mode:
  • Forward/Backward – Navigate forward and backward through previously visited web pages.
  • Home – Return to the Workspace ONE Web home page.
  • Bookmark/Tab Preview – View the bookmarks pushed down by your administrator in this preview. Based on the configurations set by your administrator, you can view multi-tab to add multiple new tabs.
    • QR code icon in Kiosk mode is only available in multi-tab view and you can access it from the URL bar. At certain cases, based on your administrator configuration settings, you cannot view QR code in the URL bar.
  • Refresh – Reload the current webpage.
  • Settings - To access Settings in Kiosk mode, press and hold the home button for 5 seconds. The following options appears:
    • Support: Use Support screen to share logs for diagnostic purposes.
    • Advanced: Use Advanced screen to view and renew certificates.

    The URL address bar or navigation controls are visible on your screen, depending on how your admins have configured them.

Scan URL QR codes

When in Kiosk mode, you can scan QR codes to navigate web pages if your admin has enabled this feature.