Kiosk Mode removes the navigation bar and limits browsing to the homepage and its available links.

The key features of a kiosk include the absence of navigation bar and extremely limited browsing options.
  • Forward/Backward – Navigate forward and backward through previously visited web pages.
  • Home – Return to the Workspace ONE Web home page.
  • Bookmark/Tab Preview – View the bookmarks pushed down by your administrator in this preview. Based on the configurations set by your administrator, you can view multi-tab to add multiple new tabs.
    • QR code icon in Kiosk mode is only available in multi-tab view and you can access it from the URL bar. At certain cases, based on your administrator configuration settings, you cannot view QR code in the URL bar.
  • Refresh – Reload the current webpage.
  • Support – Use Support to send email logs when Workspace ONE Web is in Kiosk mode. To do this, press the home button for 5 seconds, that further triggers the Support screen from which you can send email logs.