Access additional app management actions to personalize your browsing experience.

Actions Definition
Search Engine Tap the arrow to enter a different search engine than the one that appears by default.
Desktop Mode Enable the button to request a desktop view of the sites you browse. Leave disabled to continue viewing sites in the mobile view.
Clear Browsing Data

Tap and select any of the following:

  • Clear Cookies – Clear cookies from websites viewed.
  • Clear Cache – Clear cache to enhance web performance and reduce perceived lag time.
  • Clear History – Delete search history of webpages.
  • Clear All – Remove cookies, cache, and browsing history in one tap.
  • Privacy details – Displays the Workspace ONE Web privacy dialog screen (scrolling enabled). When configured by your administrator, you can access your company’s privacy policy from within Workspace ONE Web.
  • Data Sharing – Changes the Data Sharing setting. When disabled, the data sharing screen is not displayed, and no data is collected from the device to optimize the app experience.
Advanced Integrated Auth Cert – Displays the details of certificate used for authentication or for proxy to help with troubleshooting issues. You can also re-fetch or renew the certificate.