Frequently Asked Questions about VMware Workspace ONE mobile flows.

  • What are the components of mobile flows?

    • Cloud-hosted mobile flows service

    • VMware Identity Manager or other identity provider

    • Connectors

    • Workspace ONE

    • VMware Boxer

  • Which are the mobile platforms that are supported?

    Android and iOS.

  • What are the minimum requirements to deploy mobile flows?

    Though the authentication can be configured using any identity provider, to ensure an uninterrupted user-experience, you must use VMware Identity Manager to deploy mobile flows. Any backend services intended to be used by the mobile flows service must also be configured with VMware Identity Manager. The best user-experience is delivered when configured using OAuth2 flows.

  • Can mobile flows be deployed on-premise?

    Mobile flows is a cloud-only service available to both SaaS and on-premise Workspace ONE customers.

  • How is mobile flows configured?

    Customers can leverage mobile flows in three ways:

  • Is VMware Boxer a requirement to implement mobile flows?

    Yes, VMware Boxer is required to take advantage of the experience.

  • How do I purchase VMware Workspace ONE mobile flows?

    Mobile flows is part of the new Workspace ONE Enterprise bundle that is provided along with Workspace ONE Intelligence. mobile flows is also available in the Workspace ONE Intelligence add-on SKU.