There are pre-built connectors available on Workspace ONE UEM console that can be configured and deployed to support specific business systems. Configure the connectors and map them from within the console for your mobile applications.

The source code for the pre-built connectors is available on

Table 1. Pre-built Mobile flows Connectors

Sample Business System Connector Name

Use Case Addressed


Add a contact to an existing account. Show the user existing contact details.


Approve or reject ServiceNow requests.


Comment on an issue, watch an issue, or open an issue in a browser.

Bitbucket Server

Comment on, approve, decline, and merge Bitbucket Server pull requests.


Comment on, approve, reject, request changes, and merge Github pull requests.


Comment on, approve, reject, and merge Gitlab pull requests.


Approve AWS certificate requests.


Inviting a user to install apps that are missing from the user's device.


Approve an expense report, reject an expense report, and open an expense report in a browser.